Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Techie Writes About the Other World; and How Familiar It Looks !

WE HAVE several genres of writing here like dalit writing, feminist writing, subaltern writing, etc, etc. Now it seems it is the turn of techie writing. I am not referring to technical writing, but writing by techies.

My daughter, who seems to have hit upon a gold mine of good techie writing, recently forwarded me a mail containing this story.

I paraphrase it for brevity:

Once upon a time there was an HR manager in a software firm who, sadly, was hit by speeding bus killing her instantly and she reached the gates of the other world for an admission. The chap keeping the records there had a problem because he did not know where to send her; whether to heaven or hell.

So he thought to give her a choice and told her to take a look at both the places. She thought there was no need to do that and said she would like a place in heaven. But he insisted and so she went first to hell.

The place looked really fun with a golf course, a country club and all the glitter she was used to back home. She enjoyed it immensely and then the next day she went to heaven to take a look there too. Not bad with plenty of clouds, trees, birds, good looking women, etc.

Then when it was time to choose, she thought she would prefer hell. Her wish was accepted immediately.

She was promptly sent there and when she entered, it was a totally different place that she saw. A real hell-like place with people slogging like rag pickers...

She asked the Devil what went wrong. It was not yesterday's place at all?

"Well", he said, "yesterday we were recruiting you. Today you are an employee here!"

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