Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comrade Abdullakkutty Finds a Real Hero in Narendra Modi; So Does Anil Ambani

Corporate leaders present Narendra Modi as future prime minister of India: news

PEOPLE ADDICTED to pink papers will think that making money is glorious and those who have made it are real heroes. Not only the pink-paper addicts but even Chinese communists seem to be of this mindset as ever since DengXiao Ping took over they used to say making money is glorious.

I have no complaints about people making money. For me those who make money are glorious, just as those who make a beautiful earthenware are also glorious. But I see only the pictures of the Fortune 500 gentlemen (and few women) on the cover pages of our newspapers and magazines, not the poor pot-maker in our villages.

No complaints either. All of them can't make it to the front pages. So let those with bags of money enjoy the sunshine. After all it is their advertisement money that keeps the newspapers and magazines going. Fair and square, sure.

But what about selecting such gentlemen as our prime minister? Is making money or bringing in a lot of money to one's place the real test for a prime minister?

Messrs Anil Ambani, Sunil Bharti Mittal and others say yes, they are prime minister stuff. And when they saw Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat, who by the way was responsible for the murder of over 2000 Muslims in Gujarat only few years ago, they found a real prime minister in waiting. Narendra Modi bhai should be our prime minister, said these gentlemen in unison in the presence of the great man in Gujarat the other day.

If the Corporate India thinks Narendra Modi should be the prime minister, why should I complain? No reason whatsoever. If anyone should have a complaint, then it should be Lal Krishna Advani who thinks he is already nominated as the prime minister-in-waiting by his party and the National Democratic Alliance.

So how many prime ministers-in-waiting in the Opposition now? We had Advani first, then came Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, and possibly even Kalyan Singh and yes now Narendra Modi too. An excellent show in waiting for all of us.

But the fun of the thing is, even our Communist MP from Kannur, Comrade Abdullakkutty thinks Modi is the man for us, the man who will save us with investments, with money. He said so in Dubai the other day and his party seems to be a bit uncomfortable. But frankly, what exactly is the view of the other comrades in his party? Sincerely, do they not her a bell ring whenAbdullakkutty dared to say what he said?

That is Chinese model, comrades. As Comrade Deng had said we need not worry whether the cat is white or brown so long as it catches mice. Long live Comrade Deng, Long live Comrade Abdullakkutty..!

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satishsuryanarayanan said...

Abdullakkutty is not a communist now. Technically, he doesnt even belong to the traditional communist party now as he is ousted from the party. He has always been a votary of neo-liberal concepts.
I remember once he came forward to support Express Highway. On another occasion he tried to justify his aberrations with foolish statements.
But the party did not take any action against him fearing that it would cause an erosion of Muslim votes in Kannur constituency.
I never believe it is not because of his statement that he made he was thrown out of the party.
Anyway, it is hightime a discussion on the connection between neo-liberal concept of development, one such is initiated by the Modi in Gujarat, and the communal fascism was initiated.
In my opinion, the Gujarat holocaust was just an act of preparing the ground for neo-liberal mode development.
Theoretically speaking, fascism is a sort of final attempt of the moribund capitalism to survive. No wonder the corporate honchos are trying to find their Messiah in Narendra Modi where Manmohan Singh has already failed.