Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Curious Case of Good Samaritans and Dead Lamb: A parable from Kerala

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Political Samaritans taking home a lamb...!

KERALA'S EDUCATION department is now conducting a very interesting inquiry about a compact disc, that was distributed as part of training progammes in some parts of the State.

The CD contained a play, shot on camera, that was supposed to help the students and teachers in the class room exercises. But at some places, along with this innocuous one, another by the same playwright, was downloaded into the CD and distributed raising a hue and cry.

This play, surely, is enormously interesting if you look at its content. It shows a bishop and his driver travelling on a village road and accidentally hitting a little lamb. The driver asks the bishop what to do with the dead lamb and receives the instruction to put it in the dick of the car so that once in their palace they could make a good dish of it.

The lamb is owned by a poor village boy and he loved it so much. The boy comes to know about the death of his friend and comes to the bishop's house in search of it and the ensuing scenes are somewhat funny.

The church in Kerala is up in arms and Malayala Manorama, which broke the story, also relishes in it because they find in it a very good weapon to beat the education department run by M A Baby and the Left Front Government in the State. The education department is jittery and Baby denies there was any move to defame the church. It was quite accidental that such a play with which the department has nothing to do got itself into the CD, he explains. In fact they have suspended an official for negligence in his duty.

Watching the play, I thought it was not a bad thing, albeit accidental. The play raises some very disturbing questions about the morals of our religious leadership, whether it be Christian, Muslim or Hindu. There was a time when we heard stories about Jesus Christ and the good Samaritan, about the Buddha carrying a limping lamb to its abode and so many others.

And what kind of stories we do hear today? We hear stories about religious persecution, hatred, and violence, sexual assaults in religious institutions, fleecing of people in the name of donations and fees and what all these give is an impression of all round corruption and moral degradation. In fact if you read the newspapers, you would think our religious leaders are nothing better a mafia.

That should make us think, not only about our religions and their current plight, but about our moral principles too.

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