Saturday, December 20, 2008

David fells Goliath: A Biblical Tale for Comrades Karat and Yechuri from Kerala

Sitaram Yechuri says CPM will inquire into the electoral defeat of party candidates at the hands of rebels in Kerala: news

SITARAM YECHURI has said that the CPM central leadership will make an inquiry into the massive and humiliating defeat his party had suffered in the municipal elections in Shoranur where party rebels led by M R Murali trounced the CPM official candidates in eight out of the nine seats where elections took place.

All these nine seats were vacated by the rebels as they were thrown out of the party by Kerala unit of the CPM led by Pinarayi Vijayan. Throwing out those who raise questions and criticise the official line is the major activity we have seen in Kerala CPM during the past few years, especially since Pinarayi Vijayan took over as secretary of the State unit. If a rough calculation is made, I'm sure thousands of cadres must have been thrown out in various parts of Kerala in these few years. Of course more people are leaving the party on their own, and Kerala happens to be the State unit with highest desertion rates from its ranks as the documents approved at the recent party congress reveal.

Rebellion in the party is not a new thing: Comrades are raising a banner of revolt against the party State leadership in whom they seem to have lost confidence. But they do not have the strength to throw these self-serving leaders out because the party machinery is under the complete control of this group of leaders. In a party like CPM, if you are in control of the bureaucratic setup no one can challenge you. Then the only chance for change is for the edifice to self-destruct or for those who do not fit in to be thrown out.

So the throwing out business has been going on in full swing for years and now, I am afraid, the other business, of self-destruction is taking over. In Shoranur, the rebels have, for the first time, brought home the terrible fact that they can bring this party to its knees if they chose to. And Shoranur is not a small place, an insignificant place in the Communist history. It was here EMS Namboodiripad and others launched Prabhatham, the first left-wing weekly in 1935 and it was in this region that the party grew up as a strong mass-based political party in the forties and fifties. EMS used to contest from Pattambi Assembly constituency, nearby. It was an impregnable fortress for the Communists for long.

After Onchiyam, where the party has already split into two, comes Shoranur. This is a very very critical development and this trend, if goes unchecked, could finish the party in Kerala very soon.

Well, for the central leaders they may have enough and more to inquire into when they ask themselves why they faced this defeat in Shoranur.

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umesh said...

we need onchiyam revolution throught kerala