Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Decided Buzz is Not for Me...

I JUST now turned off Google Buzz. I think this is the third day I had this service and this is the first time I decide that I would better opt out of an Internet service that fast.

They said Buzz brings together the social networking facilities of Face book and Twitter to my Gmail account, and that way it is great hit. Yes, Buzz has all those facilities and you can add any number of words and images and can follow anyone and can be followed by anyone.

And that is what I find very much irritating. Face book and Twitter are like public places, say a public transport bus in a busy city in which anyone can get in and one cannot complain about it. But if you are in a private car and then finds someone happily placed beside your seat, then I think there is cause for concern. I thought my Gmail account was a private affair, and normally I do not allow anyone to know who are there in my contacts and address book.

That is why sometime ago when they offered the Google Chat within the inbox, I decided that I do not want that option at all. Initially it looked like a good option because one can start a chat just by a click and then the poor person sitting on the other end, who might be busy typing out an important mail, gets hooked and cannot escape without causing ill feelings. I was in such a tight spot quite often and then I took the decision to quit.

That is the trouble with Buzz also. When I write an email I want to focus my attention on it because most of the time I write serious mails. If it is just a word or two, like a hello, then I go for a text message and do not shoot off an email.

I decided to switch off Buzz also because of my recent experiences with chat and discussion groups. When they are a closed and select circle, they serve some useful purpose and when they are open-ended and anyone can walk in, you can depend that most of them are party spoilers and sheer bores. Buzz is no exception.

So for the time being, thanks buddies. I quit.

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